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Square Hestia Crocheted White Cotton Jug & Plate Cover

Square Hestia Crocheted White Cotton Jug & Plate Cover

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This stunning crocheted white cotton jug and plate cover is handmade and features  the symbol of the goddess Hestia. Hestia is the goddess of the hearth, home, architecture, domesticity and family. 

The cover was intricately hand crocheted and finished with a series of blue beads used to weight down the cover protecting your food and drink from flies, wasps and general environment dust.

Use this beautiful bespoke hand crocheted cover is medium sized and perfect for both indoor and al fresco dining.

Size: approximately 17.5 x 17.5cm (excluding tassels)

Tassel length: approximately 6.5cm

Bead size: D1 x W0.6cm

Hand crocheted in the Peloponnese

Material: 100% cotton 

Beads: blue

Wash in cool soapy water and dry flat on a towel

Maker Story

Handmade by Dimitra, a member of the Zoubaki family who live in a small village close to Ancient Olympia in the Peloponnese. She was taught to crochet by her mother, Toula who had been taught by her mother, Stavroula. Dimitra loves making table accessories including jug, dish and bowl covers which are not only decorative on the table but also protect food and drink from insets and files during summer dining.

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