Our Core Passion

At The Greek House Interiors, we're passionate about Greek culture, and how it's reflected in the products that fill Greek homes and spark joy for the people who live in them.

We are captivated by the simple and elegant handmade homewares produced by artisans we encounter during our travels across Greece. And we're drawn, in particular, to products infused both with Greece's heritage and traditions, combined with its modern-day energy, colour and creativity.

Our mission is to celebrate and promote this wonderful part of Greece's culture - the beauty of everyday life in the Greek home - and share with you the excitement it brings us.

We curate and showcase a wide variety of authentic and beautiful handmade products, created by highly skilled individuals and small family-run businesses throughout Greece.

We hope you love their works as much as we do.

It takes a lifetime to discover Greece, 
but it only takes an instance to fall in love with her.
Henry Miller (American Travel Writer & Novelist)