• Handmade Ceramic Pebble Salt & Pepper Set

    Handmade Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers

    Our handmade ceramic salt and pepper shakers are each meticulously crafted to mirror the serene, natural allure of Cretan beach pebbles. Enhanced with a smooth glaze finish, these shakers not only infuse charm into your table setting but also double as a distinctive and artistic home decor piece. Learn more here.

  • Terracotta & White Glaze Handmade Ceramic Makis Bowl

    Terracotta & White Glaze Handmade Ceramic Makis Bowl

    Feel the Mediterranean rustic charm of our handmade ceramic salad bowl. Its earthy terracotta base paired with the crisp white glaze creates a perfect harmony of traditional and contemporary aesthetics - it's ideal for delicious Greek salads! Learn more here.

  • Rhodes Handmade Ceramic Serving Platters

    Handmade & Unique Ceramic Serving Platters

    Add a statement piece to the centre of your table setting with our beautiful and decorative mix of Mediterranean serving platters from the Greek islands of the Dodecanese. Each are lovingly and intricately handmade by a third generation family of ceramicists. Lean more here.