My Story

What comes to mind when you think of Greece?

From the moment you step off the plane into the heat, there is so much to experience. From the bustling streets of Athens to white-washed island villages, awe-inspiring historical sites to dazzling beaches. 

And as the sun sets, is there anything better than being welcomed into a taverna, with delicious food brought to your table?

I was lucky enough to spend long summers with my mother’s family in both Athens and the Peloponnese. (In the village of my Yiayia’s birth it seemed that everyone was a relative!) 

I soon learned that a Greek home – ‘to spiti’ – is the centre point of the family, bursting with culture, traditions, Hellenic pride and love.

The scene that captivated me was the dinner table. It was a spectacular sight! Home-cooked food to feed what felt like a hundred people. With olive wood spoons and bowls, ceramic dishes, locally blown glasses, family olive oil and the scent of oregano in the larder.

Bringing items like this home to the UK is what allows me to connect with Greece, every day. Little reminders of where I love to be. 

And this is what led to The Greek House Interiors. I’ve had the pleasure of travelling the country to source the most beautiful, traditional handmade products. 

And now it’s all available to you. 

Eleni-Maria from The Greek House Interiors

I hope you’ll enjoy having that feeling of Greece - at home.