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Rhodes Handmade Ceramic Serving Plate White Centre Star

Rhodes Handmade Ceramic Serving Plate White Centre Star

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This stunning ceramic serving dish is handmade from the Greek Island of Rhodes. It is a statement dish bringing a vibrant Mediterranean feeling to the centre of your dining table. 

The first stage of production is the use of the potter’s wheel to create the dish, followed by a quality check before moving to hand carving the design. Once the clay dries it then goes through the first baking session and takes the form of “biscuit” (terracotta). Next the dish is painted by hand with unique colours and then the second baking stage begins. This is the stage which changes the dish's appearance bringing its beauty alive in its final form.

Size: D25cm

Finished with a glaze 

Handmade in Rhodes, Greece

Maker Story

After working in ceramics for 20 years, Dorotheos Bonis opened his own ceramic workshop in Rhodes in 1969 where, after passing on his ceramic skills, he was later joined by his son Dimitris Bonis. Remaining faithful to the family tradition, Dimitris continues the ceramic workshop to this day with the support of his two sons Dorotheos and Manolis – the third generation of the family. Dimitri’s ceramics are of the highest quality and it remains an authentic handmade process from start to finish, using only the finest of materials.

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