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Pythagoras Handmade Ceramic Cup

Pythagoras Handmade Ceramic Cup

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The Pythagoras handmade cup, is also known as the Pythagorean Glass and Greedy Cup. This intriguing cup is handmade and the design features a is a deer, which is a symbol of Rhodes.

What is so special about this Pythagoras Cup?

The Pythagorean cup is a form of drinking cup, which contains a deep sense of control through measures of a drink. Creating a bowl as the cup is ranked among the discoveries of Pythagoras of Samos. The uniqueness of the bowl of Pythagoras is a principle that works as a mechanism using a valve. When the cup is filled beyond a certain point, a siphoning effect causes the cup to drain its entire contents through the base of the stem - the cup can be used to learn about greed.

Pythagorean siphons were originally introduced by Pythagoras in 6th century B.C

Why did Pythagoras invest such a cup?

Pythagoras is famous for tormenting students with his Pythagorean theorem. Pythagoras, and Greeks in general, loved more than just maths, they loved their wine and Dionysus-inspired drinking parties. That went for Pythagoras’s students as well, so Pythagoras invented a solution to keep his students from getting greedy.

Finished with a glaze 

Handmade in Rhodes, Greece

Maker Story

After working in ceramics for 20 years, Dorotheos Bonis opened his own ceramic workshop in Rhodes in 1969 where, after passing on his ceramic skills, he was later joined by his son Dimitris Bonis. Remaining faithful to the family tradition, Dimitris continues the ceramic workshop to this day with the support of his two sons Dorotheos and Manolis – the third generation of the family. Dimitri’s ceramics are of the highest quality and it remains an authentic handmade process from start to finish, using only the finest of materials.

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