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Opus Oléa Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)

Opus Oléa Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)

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A GOLD-awarded, superb quality extra virgin olive oil with a sublime taste profile that enhances and elevates your food and adds everyday elegance to your meals.

Single origin hand-harvested olives grown with sustainable farming methods in Messinia, Southern Greece.  No chemical pesticides or fertilisers used. Sustainably farmed. 

Produced under scrupulous hygiene standards and quality control. Raw, cold extraction at max. 25 degrees celsius within just a few hours of harvest.   

Made with 100% 'Koroneiki' variety olives.  

Minimal free acidity of a rare 0.5% or less (the regulatory limit of extra virgin olive oil is 0.8%).

Ingredients: 100% extra virgin olive oil

Maker Story

Opus Oléa is a small family run business where the olives are grown in Messinia, Greece, which is the largest olive producing area in Greece since ancient times. Opus strongly  believe that high quality extra virgin olive oil makes a difference to one's life and to the world. They intend to preserve the best that their wise traditions have given them and adapt them to contemporary living whilst taking great care about looking after the environment and their communities, engaging in fair practices and sustainability. 

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