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Mouth Blown Athena Clear Medium Glass Tumbler

Mouth Blown Athena Clear Medium Glass Tumbler

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These beautifully simple tumblers are handcrafted by traditional Athenian glass blowers using 100% recycled glass. Each one is perfectly imperfect and totally unique. Smooth to the touch, reassuringly weighty and ideal for everyday use.

Colour: clear glass 

Approximate size: medium H9cm x D8cm

Material: recycled glass

The Story

Greek glassblowing is an ancient art based on knowledge and techniques passed down through families. This Athenian family run workshop uses recycled glass which melts at 1400 degrees then the temperature drops to 1200 degrees which is when the design and creation takes place. The final stage is in the gallery at 600 degrees where the glass will slowly cool and present the final product.

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