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Itania Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Itania Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Introducing ITANIA Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml, sourced from select producers in the village in Crete.

Cold-pressed and unfiltered, it hails from a single estate, preserving its authentic taste. This initiative empowers small-scale producers, showcasing their oils with pride and authenticity—each package proudly displays the producer's name.

Presented in vibrant green cans for peak freshness, their commitment to sustainability shines through their eco-friendly, and ultimately recyclable packaging, embodying their dedication to environmental responsibility.

Net content: 500ml

Extra virgin olive oil

Made in Crete, Greece

Maker Story

ITANIA Multi award-winning Olive Oil is a labour of love of three women, Aikaterini Maria and Sofia. The Tziraki family, a mother and two daughters, commemorate the rich history of their land and its produce with the ‘tree of life’. This unique symbol for their olive oil adorned an ancient Minoan artefact discovered in 1957 within the family’s orchard. Steeped with history dating back centuries, ITANIA olive oil’s traditional cultivation techniques have maintained both sustainability and respect for the environment. Well-balanced and with a distinctive, rich aroma, this fruity offering from Crete is derived from the Koroneiki tree variety, which lends a piquant flavour as well as the highest-possible concentration of antioxidants. 

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