How to Care for Brass & Copper Mills

It's hugely important to keep your brass salt and pepper mills in tip-top shape! And here are some very easy tips to ensure they maintain their beauty.

Alexander Brass Salt Mill

Stick to what it's for

First things first, stick to what they're made for. Pepper mills are experts at grinding standard peppercorns, salt mills are experts at grinding salt. But don't try grinding anything else—they're not built for it!  And definitely, don't mix it up by grinding salt in a pepper mill unless you're keen on rusting that metal mechanism. Salt mills are equipped with food-safe plastic grinders perfect for dry sea salt or rock salt. Just steer clear of wet or grey sea salt and those fancy flakes—they'll gunk up the works.

Keeping it clean

Keep things fresh by giving your mill a regular clean. Swap out the contents often to avoid staleness and moisture buildup that can clog things up. And when you're refilling your salt mill, watch out for any sneaky salt residue hanging out between the lid and body—it's a recipe for oxidation. Dry with a cloth before popping the lid back.

Cleaning tips

When it comes to cleaning, no putting them in the dishwasher! But don't stress, they're designed to be easy to take apart for cleaning. Disassemble them completely, give all the parts a thorough clean with a soft brush and cloth, and for the plastic bits in the salt grinder, a little water works wonders to dissolve any stubborn salt. Just make sure everything's bone dry before putting it back together.

Metal care tips

Brass and copper love to show off their natural beauty, but if you prefer them shiny, a dab of metal cleaner and a soft cloth will give them the best shine.


Last but not least, keep those mills cozy. Moisture is their enemy, so store them in a cool, dry spot away from any dampness. And if you spot any other colouration creeping in, especially inside the mill or between parts, it's time for a checkup and clean during your refill routine.
These stunning mills are more than just kitchen tools—they're timeless pieces of art.

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